When the idea of a Trump run for President first came up most people laughed and chalked it up to a publicity stunt, yet since nearly day one of his campaign he has been the leader in the polls, how can this be, how can a brash, arrogant real estate tycoon be the leading face of the Republican field?

There are two reasons for his success, the first is simple he is a political outsider and he does not need the financial backing of the super pacs like the rest of the field.  People are just fed up with business as usual and the old political machine and they are ready for radical change.

Second he is not really a republican, while he may identify himself this way, his ideology does full in line with conservatives.  He has discussed a wealth tax, he has recently been critical of hedge fund managers and CEO salary plans, these are not things you normally here from a republican candidate.  As far as abortion and gay marriage while he my aline somewhat with republican party he is not making is is main platform as many have.

So why do these two things add up to him leading in the polls?  Most american fall between slightly liberal or slightly republican, which means they are moderates, 20% of his supporters would label themselves as moderates.  Politics have become more partisan then ever and we are seeing less productivity out Washington and the average american is fed up so it is no surprise that this loud in your face outsider that speaks his mind is leading in the polls.  The real problem he faces is that those who participate in elections polls don’t always make it to the voter booth.

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