The President should be ashamed of himself! Two reporters are killed, no statement, law enforcement officers gunned down, no statement, women killed by illegal immigrant, again no statement.  The President stays silent until he see an opportunity he can pounce to push his agenda, and it is shameful. Today there was a tragic shooting in Oregon, there is no other way to describe this, nor will I deny the level of tragedy the victims and their families are experiencing, but for the President to jump on the air to exploit this tragic event and to ramble on with a bunch of meaningless words to further politicize the gun debate, as citizens we should all call him on his shameful behavior. In our next podcast we will talk about the gun control issues and what the real problems are, and what our politicians should be saying and doing.  Today Bernie Sanders made the brilliant statement "we need to prevent guns from being used by people that should not have them", really Bernie?  No Sh*t, thanks for your statement of the blatantly obvious.  We know this, and we have laws to prevent this but instead of working to ensure that our laws are enforced, you and Barry want to rant about how bad America is, that we are worse than terrorist, and that no guns should be allowed.  Okay then Bernie if you are elected please ensure your detail has no guns. I won't go as far as to say we don't have a gun problem, but I will say this, it is not the main part of the problem and not where we need to put the focus.  We need to stop politicizing, Obama needs to stop comparing us to terrorist, get a brain and start working on a solution. The likes of Bernie and Barry are not the only ones to blame, we need to make sure we put the bulk of the blame on those you commit these crimes, but we also need to look at how the media covers these stories and why they need to make celebrities out of the shooters, earlier today Bill O'Reiliy on his Fox rant fest was all upset that the shooters name was not released, who cares it should not matter. Tune this weekend for the next Real Revolution podcast when we will continue this discussion.

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